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Hello Ms. Palmer! I was in your sophomore English class the first year you started teaching and I was also in your creative writing class the first year you taught the course. Those two classes were extremely impactful for me and it wasn't until my time at university that I was able to realize it. I wasn't able to comprehend at the time how important it was to conquer my fear of creativity. It allowed me to be more outgoing and less afraid when I started in a school of 30,000 people that I did not know and I consider it one of the primary reasons I was able to make friends and establish myself.


Long story short, you, as well as the other amazing educators at LASA, inspired me to want to pursue a career in education. I was wondering, however, if it would be possible for you to answer some questions that I had about going into the field?

-Justin, LASA student


I am writing to you for teacher appreciation week as you have been the best English teacher I have ever had during my school experience so far. I still keep my journal, and I remember enjoying your teaching style because it opened up my imagination.

-Stav, AHS student

As a personal note to you, Ms. Palmer,

It takes a village to raise a strong independent woman… I’m grateful you are a part of our village.

-Parent, Austin High

You're such an amazing leader on campus, esp [sic] with ASI -10 and all that hard work. 

-Stacy Webster, Academies Instructional Coach at AHS

You have really helped to shape the 10th grade team with organization and project input - that will live on as ASI continues to grow. 

-Steven Maddox, Austin High Academies Director


-Deb Kelt, UT Urban Teachers Cohort Coordinator

Ms. Palmer's upbeat attitude and willingness to help are impressive to our 8th grader. Her projects are creative and interesting, and allow student input and ideas. She encourages reading challenging books and opting for reading as a way to grow in the world. We appreciate her exceptional efforts in this challenging time.



The pace of the class was magical, calm and focused, reflective, then noisy and collaborative, large group.

Ended with ritual of thanking for sharing.

You called the girls by name.

You are a magical teacher and we are lucky to have you.

Thank you Caitlin for teaching our girls.

-Walkthrough feedback from Kris Waugh, principal of ARS

Thank you for being such an awesome teacher! The liveliness and passion that you bring to teaching is truly special, and I can think of very few teachers that let us do Thai Chi on Fridays. I always look forward to going to your class, and it is a fantastic way to end the day. I feel like I learn so much in your class, and have fun while doing it.

-Reagan, AHS student

Student A led the conversation like a professional executive and Student B and C were speaking with tons of poise and confidence about their writing and intentions for their audience.  It was just delightful, and they were really enjoying themselves too. 


I know these conversations don't happen out of thin air- there was clearly a lot of work leading up to this to create this collaboration so BRAVO to you.

-Feedback from Anah Sikorsky-Weirsema, Former ARS Director of Academics

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